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Secretarial Services

At Ashgrove House, we know that you are busy running your business. We offer a huge range of secretarial services, designed to take care of those tedious tasks and let you concentrate on growing your company. From typing to printing, our in house facilities are available to all.

Our central location means that we are easy to get to and totally convenient. We always to our very best to accommodate our clients at the last minute.

To find out more about our secretarial services, call us on (01) 2804839 

Secretarial Services Available (In-house):

  • Typing/Typesetting
  • Audio Typing/Transcribing
  • Emailing/Internet Facility
  • Phone Diversion
  • Photocopying (b/w also colour)
  • Binding
  • Laminating
  • Colour Printing
  • Mailing Facility
  • Fax Facility
  • Scanning Facility

Finding reliable secretarial services can be difficult. You want somebody reliable and professional. All our clients at Ashgrove House are treated in the strictest of confidence. To find out more or get a quote, simply get in touch today.